Club Registration

Concessional licensing is a great way to save money on registration of a vehicle that may only be seldom used. The cost is generally about 10% of the normal cost to register a vehicle. Therefore it is often thought of as a cheap way to get a classic car on the road. However there is some important information that you need to consider before putting your vehicle on club registration.

The Rules

Full details of the rules for club registration can be found in the code 404 handbook which can be downloaded here:

FAQ’s about the rules can be downloaded here:

Please note that these are the rules as decided by the Department of Transport.

The onus to comply with the rules around club registration rests totally with the owner of the vehicle.


As a very quick summary the vehicle must be very standard and must not have been modified from what was available on that car from factory. Modifications that will make your car ineligible include non-standard motor, gearbox, differential, body modifications and most engine upgrades such as stroking.

Period accessories such as certain rims - like hotwires - can be allowed depending on size and width.

Once a vehicle is on concessional registration there are then very strict limits to when the vehicle can be used. Basically it is limited to being used on club events and test drives. It cannot be used as a daily driver or a weekend cruiser.

The onus to comply with the rules around club registration rests totally with the owner of the vehicle.

Combined Torana Car Club of WA (CTCCWA)

The Combined Torana Car Club of WA (CTCCWA) is in a privileged position of being able to offer Club Registration to its members and we need to ensure that we are complying with the club registration rules to ensure we can continue to offer this to our members.

As such we also have some club rules for members that are on club registration. These rules simply are in place to ensure that a person on club registration is an active member of the social club and the vehicle remains compliant.

Vehicles being placed on club registration will need to be inspected and forms will be required. If you believe your car complies and you wish to become an active member of the CTCCWA then we will be very pleased to hear from you. Of course if your car is not quite as stock as required we would still love to have you as a member of the Combined Torana Car Club.